Mobile Retail Factorama

The German mobile retail market grew by 112% in 2011 25% of European Xtreme shoppers shop using mobile phones or tablets more than in the past51% of US Xtreme shoppers use search engines as shopping tools 58% of European Xtreme shoppers use search engines as shopping tools 33% of retailers operate a mobile channel, up […]

The secret sauce of making stuff work. By @bmf

When you are into something with the purpose of making a difference, take something to the next level and you are idealistically motivated (like me in mobile), it is always great to see presentations like this. Especially in a business like mobile because mobile is under high pressure of proving that it is possible for […]

Ian Carrington (Google): Mobilize or Die!

Googles EMEA Head of Mobile, Ian Carrington, visited Oslo recently. Unfortunately, I didn’t know so I could not be there when he boldly pointed out that if you company did not have a mobile friendly web presence, you will loose market share. He also predicts that mobile commerce and advertising will grow significantly by 2015. Here […]

Mobile ajax

Mobile Ajax and the so called “mobile web 2.0” is a hot issue now adays with the iphone and all… I have done some testing just to learn how much ajax one really can expect on current mobile devices. Hope your device supports ajax now then… The web browser on newer nokias should support most […]