13500000000 Google searches from mobile per month

Earlier this year, I wrote a short post comparing the number of downloads in the Apple Appstore to number of searches on the mobile web.

Now, new reports suggests that the number might be 15% (paid search)

If Google then has in the area of 90 bill searches per month, and 15% of these are from mobile, we get 13 500 000 000 (thats 13,5 bill) mobile searches per month performed on Google sites

If the other search properties (bing, yahoo,baidu etc.) has a similar number of mobile searches, the total number of mobile searches performed per month globally is 21 000 000 000 (if we assume global search per month is ≈ 140bill)

(Would love to find an accurate number on this. Comparing different data sources does not give a true picture, I know.)

On the other hand… Does this really matter since Google search quality on mobile is so poor? Does mobile users search more because they cant find what they are looking for?


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