Delegate User-Agent Client-Hints to 3rd Parties

User-Agent Client Hints (UA-CH) has been hot in the Chrome camp lately. Motivated by the sudden urge to deprecate the User-Agent request header due to privacy concerns. With Chrome version 84 and higher, the plumbing with delegation through feature- or permission policies is implemented. Delegating UA-CH to a third party server is similar to how delegating other client hints […]

Video in Image Tags

I was really exited when I learned that Safari decided to support video content in image tags! It was scheduled for iOS 11.3 which was supposed to ship Safari 11.1 with all sorts of goodies. I’m not covering service workers here. I’m more exited about replacing animated gifs with mp4 video in <img> tags! Converting gifs […]

What Did I Learn in 2016

Time files! Good thing 2016 is over, right? Didn’t blog much last year either (I’ll just accept that I’ll never be much of a blogger), but luckily others blogged about all the good things that happened to web and mobile last year! Less work for me. Still, I’d like to pull out a few high-lights. […]

Instagram User-Agent

Native apps on mobile devices account for an increasing amount of web traffic. Facebook being the most popular “in app browser”. Sometimes these apps provide some interesting information in the user-agent. Facebook does it, and Instagram does it. Here are some examples of how a user agent string may look like for Instagram: iPhone: Mozilla/5.0 […]