How to Opt-In and Delegate Client-Hints

This is a moving target! I’ve been covering the topic before both in Client Hints in general and for User-Agent Client Hints. The architecture is pretty complicated when you first experience it, but it makes sense: First, the website must opt in to the hints it needs, then the browser sends them to the server […]

User-Agent Client-Hints, take 2

I’ve written a couple of post about User-Agent Client-Hints (UA-CH) before, and in specific how to delegate UA-CH to third party sites or domains. Delegating UA-CH is useful when you need other sites, domains or hostnames to receive the additional information. One example is if you’re using an image CDN to optimize images. Since Chrome […]

Where would we be without Slack?

I’ve always been working with remote teams. For this reason probably, I like to try new ways to collaborate. Skype was a hit for a long time. Yammer too. But then came Slack. First release of the Slack app was done in 2013. A year later, it had already been on the radar for a […]

Delegate User-Agent Client-Hints to 3rd Parties

‼️ Note: there is an updated version of this article here. User-Agent Client Hints (UA-CH) has been hot in the Chrome camp lately. Motivated by the sudden urge to deprecate the User-Agent request header due to privacy concerns. With Chrome version 84 and higher, the plumbing with delegation through feature- or permission policies is implemented. Delegating UA-CH to a […]