carbon.txt – What is it and why should you care?

Similar to the better known robots.txt file, the carbon.txt file is also a txt file located on your webserver. This text file is meant to keep information about the resources used to serve your website and information related to your own carbon footprint. In other words, it is a convention for website owners and digital service providers to demonstrate that their […]

Enter UA-CH lies

Just like predicted, we’re back to square 1 with UA-CH vs. User-Agent. 🤦‍♂️ Unfortunately, I can’t document the following claim, but I’m pretty sure that this is the case: The reason for minority browser being locked out and/or getting a degraded experience, is client side (JavaScript) user-agent (or now UA-CH)- sniffing, performed by junior webdevs. […]

3 Steps to Make Your App or Site Carbon Neutral

To make your app, website, product or service carbon neutral is easier (and cheaper) than you might think! Frankly, it’s so easy and cheap that everyone should be doing it. It feels good! Here’s how to go Carbon Neutral. 1. Find out how much electricity is needed As difficult as it sounds, you can use […]

Chrome Lite Mode

The Chrome Lite Mode, also known as “Data Saver”, introduced in 2014 to help users save data and speed up page loading, was removed in version 100 of Chrome. With ImageEngine, we’ve seen a drop from around 20% of all requests having the Lite Mode enabled to between 2 and 5 %. 99% of those […]

How to Opt-In and Delegate Client-Hints

This is a moving target! I’ve been covering the topic before both in Client Hints in general and for User-Agent Client Hints. The architecture is pretty complicated when you first experience it, but it makes sense: First, the website must opt in to the hints it needs, then the browser sends them to the server […]

User-Agent Client-Hints, take 2

I’ve written a couple of post about User-Agent Client-Hints (UA-CH) before, and in specific how to delegate UA-CH to third party sites or domains. Delegating UA-CH is useful when you need other sites, domains or hostnames to receive the additional information. One example is if you’re using an image CDN to optimize images. Since Chrome […]

Where would we be without Slack?

I’ve always been working with remote teams. For this reason probably, I like to try new ways to collaborate. Skype was a hit for a long time. Yammer too. But then came Slack. First release of the Slack app was done in 2013. A year later, it had already been on the radar for a […]

Delegate User-Agent Client-Hints to 3rd Parties

‼️ Note: there is an updated version of this article here. User-Agent Client Hints (UA-CH) has been hot in the Chrome camp lately. Motivated by the sudden urge to deprecate the User-Agent request header due to privacy concerns. With Chrome version 84 and higher, the plumbing with delegation through feature- or permission policies is implemented. Delegating UA-CH to a […]