Playing with geoip

Have been playing with MaxMinds free geoip lookup tool. Its pretty OK. The quality, as far as I have tested, is pretty good! More than good enough to use in location aware mobile services. Ofcourse you have the issue with looking up location of the operators gateway when the user is connected throgh the telco network… […]

Jakob Nielsen about mobile web

Jakob Nielsen knows a lot about interaction design and usability, no doubt. But a few of the statements about mobile web are still pretty disturbing: A Separate Mobile Site Is Best Sure! thats a no brainer For the best user performance, you should design different websites for each mobile device class What? Do you know […]

Shorter URLs for mobile

Have been using twitter for a while now, and was annoyed by the tinyurls being useless on my mobile. So, I thought; how hard can it be? and made this one: works as all other tiny url creators, but this has a mobile touch to it. You can specify if the target url […]

Owning the customer vs. knowing the customer

Open Gardens elaborating on the difference of knowing the customer vs. owning the customer. Owning the customer vs. knowing the customer A very nice perspective on the operators often called dumb pipes. The pipes are actually quite intelligent and full of very useful metadata. If the operators are