mobile lbs, js library to the rescue

I while back I wrote a blog post on Mobiforge on different ways of getting location information from the user/device (which by the way made it all the way to the mobiforge newsletter :)). Not surprisingly, our friend device fragmentation has joined the party. For many reasons, this kind of stuff is not so easy […]

The under estimated element in xhtml mp

The object element is an extremely powerful element when used in a mobile context. I have made a collection of ways to use it. Her’s an index of some ways to use the element. Images Images with fallback svg with fallback flash video audio svg and svgz text or html inline data definition Use of […]

Mobile ajax

Mobile Ajax and the so called “mobile web 2.0” is a hot issue now adays with the iphone and all… I have done some testing just to learn how much ajax one really can expect on current mobile devices. Hope your device supports ajax now then… The web browser on newer nokias should support most […]

gzip test for mobiles

Data cost is known to be one of the main reasons for not using mobile internet. Or that is; the uncertainty of the data cost. So, why not help the user by doing as much as possible to cut the data transfer?? I have made a simple test site to illustrate the importance of this […]