Real-life 4g mobile bandwidth

A national newspaper in Norway just recently traveled around Oslo to test 4g speed. They tested Telenor and Netcom with a Samsung Galaxy 4 Active using the app Ookla Speedtest. Even if this is not an extensive test, I think this illustrate the connectivity dimension quite well. Connectivity on mobile devices is dramatically different from […]

Tomi Ahonens big numbers on mobile

It is that time of year when Tomi Ahonen has been working his Excel-sheets and now finally published the numbers we (me at least)  have been waiting for since January this year. As always, there’s not only numbers, but also quite a lot of text. I have taken the liberty to make some graphs out […]

Mobile Retail Factorama

The German mobile retail market grew by 112% in 2011 25% of European Xtreme shoppers shop using mobile phones or tablets more than in the past51% of US Xtreme shoppers use search engines as shopping tools 58% of European Xtreme shoppers use search engines as shopping tools 33% of retailers operate a mobile channel, up […]