Just read “Mobile Internet For Dummies”

I have just finished reading Mobile Internet For Dummies. A brand new book explaining all the magic behind internet on your mobile phone. It is a good book with thorough explainations at a high level to fit the target group. But interesting to read for people deep in the mobile business as well (you

Video on iPhone

< ![CDATA[This is not rocket sience but still worth a few lines. This is the most elegant way of handling video on the iPhone I have come accross. Test and view source here.]]>

Smart-fit table wrapping trouble

The “smartfit” feature in newer Sony Ericssons can be a pain in the ass some times. Especially when you want the text to display nicely next to an image. Heres a trick to fix that. OK table This text should be be displayed right to the image (left) and not be wrapped. Not ok table […]

Mobile development Guidelines

Many parties have done a great effort in making dos and don’ts, rules and best practices when making mobile portals. Here’s mine, only four of them… Gap, .mob, w3c and more are all good advice! Thats not the point. But it does not matter if you use access keys, tables absolute measures or not. Some […]

Free ebook

Our old friends Deitel and Deitel have published a free ebook on web 2.0 stuff.nothing is hotter that (mobile) web 2.0 right now. The book is typically American… anyway a good read