Funky User-Agent on Facebook iPhone app

The latest Facebook app for iPhone adds some interesting metadata to the user agent sting. The user agent in the web view part of the app, that is (when you follow a link in a status message).

facebook funky user agent

Picture above shows the user agent and more (captured here).

The extra stuff is:

  • FBAN = Application Name
  • FBAV = Application Version
  • FBBV = Build?
  • FBDV = ?Device??
  • FBMD = ?
  • FBSN = ? Obviously something to do with the OS/platoform
  • FBSV = ? Can it be OS version?
  • FBSS = ?
  • FBCR = Carrier
  • FBID = ?
  • FBLC = Language code
  • FBSF = ?

Don’t know what it all means but some are obvious. Anyone know the rest?

One Response to Funky User-Agent on Facebook iPhone app

  1. It gets even funkier on iPad where it begins “Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; U; CPU iPhone OS” (notice the presence of both strings “iPad” and “iPhone”) That’s going to require a lot of people to update their RegExes to match the trailing semicolon, i.e. not to match on “iPhone” but only on “iPad;”